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Nov 5, 2012 5:00am EST
. melanie a.m. wick is -- alnwick is in the newsroom with the final push. >> florida, ohio, iowa, new hampshire and yes, virginia getting multiple visits before the last day of campaigning is through. president obama ended in you're ore a colorado cheered by a crowd of 20,000 people. he made stops in florida telling supporters he will need them after the election. a first for mitt romney as he campaigned in traditionally democratic pennsylvania where polls suggest the state is relatively close. romney held events in iowa, ohio and virginia. the race is a squeaker and political analysts believe we night not have a clear winner tuesday night if it comes down to provisional ballots in ohio that, by law, don't get counted right away. right away. >> unless the president ones overwhelmingly in florida and virginia and doesn't need ohio and also wins in wisconsin and iowa and nevada and new hampshire, if if comes down to ohio, we won't have a winner and we won't even have the votes as you said counted until 10 days from election day. >> reporter: the latest poll numbers out show president ob
Nov 7, 2012 5:00am EST
outstanding are florida's 29 electoral votes. the vote count there, still too close to call. but that outcome will not have an impact on the end result here. we'll get to all of our election results in just a minute but first, we're also keeping an eye on some possible nasty weather coming our way. >> tucker has been talking about it, telling us about some cold wind. >> rain, snow. >> maybe a little winter weather. just a little bit of it. >> it is almost wintertime. >> it is only early november. we don't traditionally have snow events in early november. those of you that might remember back to 1987, we had a veteran's day storm. >> i heard sue palka talking about that. >> it dropped about a foot of snow. but it won't be like that for today. this is all about the nor'easter. it is starting to press toward the area and bringing cloud cover in overnight and will bring us some rain showers later this morning and then this afternoon as some of the real cold air in the upper atmosphere kind of gets pushed down to the ground. we could see that rain, height rain transition over to a period of winter
Nov 1, 2012 5:00am EDT
. we want to let you know that florida avenue, which was shut down earlier, is now open for traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> police in virginia have stepped up their search for the man they say tried to kill two police officers and his ex- girlfriend. 25-year-old lawrence stewart is accused of placing pipe bombs outside of their homes etch could be driving a red hyundai accent with virginia plates or a white nissan altima with pennsylvania plates. -- he could be driving a red hyundai accent. stewart is believed to be armed and dangerous. anyone with information is ask to the call stafford police. >>> charles county police have released a sketch of a man wanted in connection with a double shooting that killed a woman and critically injured her firefighter husband. this is the map that police are looking for. the suspect may be in his early 20s and is about six feet tall way slim build. the shootings happened on friday on a foot path in waldorf. the firefighter and his wife were walking their dog when the gunman walked by and started firing the shots. so far, investigators
Nov 12, 2012 5:00am EST
. >>> georgetown tried to tip off the baseball soap with a gam gains florida on board the u.s. bataan aircraft carrier friday night. >> it ended up being canceled at half time due to the condensation on the basketball court because of all the monument it is a boat on water. so there you go. now, back on land, the hoyas would finally get to their season opener on sunday. smith rivera came off the bench to lead the hoyas with 19 points. they beat duke. >>> united scored first on a goal by nick deleon but the dynamo would score three second half goals and go on to win 3- 1. the second leg of the series is saturday at rfk stadium. >>> to football, a battle between the eagles and cowboys. michael vick was forced to leave the game with a concussion. the cowboys go to win this one 38-23. this is philly's fifth straight loss. >>> baltimore sets a club record for points crushing oakland 55-20. that is a good day. >> yes, it is. >>> and the last of the undefeated teams has been taken down. the saints beat the falcons 31- 27 in a thriller in new orleans. orleans. >>> coming up, the true spirit of giving.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4